We want to encourage you to go out in your back yards and find some cleavers: Galium Aparine. Right now, its a great wild edible, using the small leaves and some of the stalk, but as it ages it will get more hairy and less appetizing. This is one of those herbs best used fresh, so juicing is recommended as well as fresh teas or even put it into a smoothy. One could also make a syrup to save it through the winter.

Cleavers promote lymphatic flow and helps rid the lymphatic system of metabolic waste so it’s a great remedy for swollen glands, adenoid problems, tonsillitis, and earaches. Because of its effects on the lymph, traditionally it has a reputation for helping to shrink tumors and for removing nodular growths on the skin. As a diuretic, cleavers would be a great additive to any formula to help with water retention or uric acid excretion.

It reduces heat and irritation in the urinary tract and when mixed with other herbs has been said to do well with preventing kidney stones.

One can crush the plant and make it into a poultice to apply to the skin for  rash, sores, blisters, burns and any hot inflammations of the skin.

Have fun finding this plant. It may find you first.