Gardening is my Healthcare.

484183_436215629767388_1853256906_n My arms hurt. In fact, my whole body hurts. I just got out of my garden. It doesn’t really look like a garden right now–we tilled up a patch of grass. But its raw dirt (okay, mostly clay right now) but it is mine and I get to grow food for my family. I thought I would blog about my garden project because I figured there are other budding homesteaders, like me who are wanting a garden too and need moral support.

Gardening is more than just summer veggies. Gardening is my Prozac. Gardening is my Church. Gardening is my Patriotic contribution. Gardening is my Health Care.

A good garden is the life-blood of the homestead healthcare experience.

“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food” –Hippocrates.

This famous quotes carries as much weight today, as it did then. Good nutrition is the number one foundation for good health. A garden gives you superior nutrition (not to mention taste). Did you know that the vegetables of today in some instances have 37% less vitamins and minerals in them then they did in the 1050s!  This is partly due to soil depletion, but a study published in 2004 in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, cited that this depletion primarily is a result of genetic manipulation for uniformity and pest resistance, not nutritional value.

There are solutions to this serious nutritional crisis. BRING BACK VICTORY GARDENS! During World War II, Americans were encouraged to plant family gardens to help offset food rations. These were known as Victory Gardens. Today, every family should be encouraged to plant a victory garden, but for another reason: nutrition and non genetically manipulated foods.

Many countries have completely banned GMO crops because they are concerned about the health risks, ALSO they are concerned about pollen contamination with GMO. Cross pollination with GMOs causes corruption in the seeds of heirloom plants! There is the risk that over time, plants would lose the ability to reproduce themselves. There are other  issues as well, that the corporate Giants who hold the patent on these GMOs have sued and won cases against farmers for copy-right infringement because of pollen drifting.

This is why we need to bring back victory gardens because we are engaged in a new war, one where biological weapons of mass destruction are being used against us AND overt control over the food supply.

So, that is why Brandon and I are tilling up our grass, mucking though the NC clay, and painstakingly putting in an Heirloom vegetable garden. It is our labor of love–for family and country!garden

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